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Monday Night Mystery Card (On a Tuesday!)
This is a great chance to use those supplies I know you have!
A bit of detailed cutting - but it is sooo worth it!

This is what you need:
Cardstock that measures 10 ½ x 8 ½ - Score at 3½, 7
On the 8½ side measure (and mark) down 5 ½ ” from the top left and down 3” from the top right .
Place your cardstock in the trimmer so that the pencil marks are in the cutting groove and cut. This will give you two card bases.
A panels of DSP (both sides will be used so choose carefully!) Cut at 3 ¼ x 12
Cut this strip at 4 ⅜ Mark this strip at 3 ⅝ on the right side. Cut at an angle from left to the mark at the right.
Cut another strip at 3 ½ -Mark this strip at 2 ¾ on the Left side. Cut at an angle from right to left - corner to the mark at the left.
White Cardstock - 3 ¼ x 5 ¼ . Mark 4 ⅜ down from left side. Cut from right corner to the mark.
White Cardstock to match your outside sentiment.
Inside sentiment to match your outside sentiment.
Comment below so I can look for you!


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